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Clean India Technology Week 2020
More Exhibitors, More Technologies
As we come to the end of this decade, the Indian Cleaning Industry has come a long way from where we started the journey with the Clean India Shows way back in 2005. Today, in the 17th edition of Clean India Show scheduled for February 13 to 15, 2020, at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center, the entire cleaning industry offering over 400 brands from across the world are exhibiting products for cleaning, surface hygiene, washroom hygiene, pest management, personal hygiene, cleaning tools & chemicals, cleaning systems, industrial cleaning, commercial space maintenance, facade cleaning, kitchen hygiene, scenting and many more.

Most of these products seem the same as far as the names go, however, the interesting aspects with these products are the modifications made using newer technologies. What may have consumed litres of water to wash or clean now uses steam, consuming just a litre or two. A machine that could be used in cleaning washrooms can adorn a different nozzle to clean carpets and upholstery or a suction machine can turn into an injection extractor!

A water-intensive marble polisher today is available in models that does not require any water at all. Innovative floor cleaning and polishing pads are eliminating the use of water and chemicals.

Cleaning machines have taken a sophisticated turn with multi-tasking options and artificial intelligence. This time, the Clean India Show gives a different perspective of the cleaning products market conscious about sustainability, environment responsibility, water-energy conservation, chemical consumption, and many more.

Introducing a new segment this time, Clean India Show will now on have Kitchen Hygiene & Sanitation pavilion and the first-ever conference on KHS will be held on February 15.
Almost doubled from last year, Laundrex India Expo in its fifth edition is the only expo showcasing machines for all purposes right from washer-extractors to barriers to tunnels for laundry and hydrocarbon solvents, dry washers to digitalised dry cleaning machines. And of course, the much-discussed Wet Cleaning machines. All leading brands are showcasing brands from multiple countries. In short, from a start-up to industrial laundry, exhibitors are bringing in the latest solutions.

Common to the Clean India Show and Laundrex India Expo, artificial intelligence and digitization of machines open new doors of technologically advanced solutions which ensure quality, efficiency, water-power-chemical consumption monitoring based on real time data.
The awareness to handle waste at source and even move towards zero waste discharge is catching up in India too. While the variety of waste generated is specific to areas and segments, the solutions are multiple for every segment and every type of waste.

The world is speaking of waste recycling and waste-to-energy and the most successful among them is food waste recycling and biofuels. The Waste Technology India Expo has multiple solutions for food waste or organic waste besides products & systems for waste collection, disposal and recycling.

Shredders, bailers, material handling, waste bins, smart waste collectors, drain cleaners, bio-toilets and many more such products will be on display.
We have been talking about luxury cars plying the Indian roads and it also reflects the class of cars that Indian consumers are buying. Car needs special care. A mix of vehicle cleaning products inside-out including car polish, interior cleaning, tyre cleaning, car washing and others will be on display at the Car Care Expo 2020.

While you are reading this, an energetic team of managers and coordinators is hard at work, making calls, fielding queries and checking every detail to make sure things are just right.

Surpassing its previous records, the Clean India Technology Week which includes the fours expos and the conferences (more details in the following pages of the magazine) is much bigger in terms of space occupied and the number of stalls as well. The entire industry will converge here on all the three days. We are set to receive you there.

Product Preview 2020

SpeedQueen Quantum® Touch

Technical Specifications:
• Tumble Dryers
• Model number SG055LVHPRXS4NC000
• 55lb (25 Kg)
• Quantum® Touch Control

• SpeedQueen Quantum Touch display; easy to use and easy to understand directions with profitable cycle modifiers. 7”, full colour, touch screen display on single tumble dryers. Chrome door ring.

• User-friendly screen with operating instruction built in as part of the control with 5 basic cycles (high, medium, low, delicate, no heat)

• Flexible pricing & additional revenue opportunities with customizable cycle modifiers, time-of-day pricing and lucky cycle options

• On-screen timer so your customers know exactly how much time their cycle will take.

• 30+ languages available; On-screen timer informs customers exactly how much time their cycle will take.

• Speed Cycle option for those who want to get in and out quickly. Fewer moving parts, for fewer maintenance issues

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Conferences on Feb 13, 2020
Hospitality Connect

HPMF Meet  The Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum is hosting over 100 hotel purchasing managers in a session on Product Procurement, followed  by B2B meetings with product suppliers and visit to the Expos.

I-PHA Meet
Professional housekeepers of i-PHA, which is marking its fifth anniversary this year, is engaging in a knowledge sharing session on iPHA-Clean India Target 2020. The meet will be attended by housekeepers from Maharashtra


A highly interactive Conference on Embracing & Transforming Smart FM on the Digital Platform will host the best of the FM experts, FM companies and service providers from across India. 


Conference on Waste Technology
A full day session on Strategizing Waste C2C in Industries & Smart Cities where Municipal Commissioners, Environment officers/heads, Smart City officers, Chief Engineers, Industrial Waste Service Providers, Waste Collectors & Recyclers… will gather to hear experts talking solutions right from collection to conversion.

Special Session
Special Meeting with the Railway Board, Government of India

The Railway Board authorities along with the 17 zone officials will be addressing housekeepers and launderers in a close discussion on improving the housekeeping processes and laundry outsourcing in the railways.

Conference on Feb 14, 2020

Conference on Hospital Infection Control - CHIC 
 The 3rd CHIC focussing on Improvement and implementation of Infection Control practices, turns international with experts coming in from the Gulf and veterans from India gathering to discuss programmes for implementation of infection control practices in all hospitals across India.

Special Session on Car care
Over 50 industry professionals are gathering to take stock on the present trends in the Car care segment and the way forward.

Conferences on Feb 15, 2020

 Texcare Forum India LaundrexNet 2020
 A full day session on Industry Turning to Laundrex 4.0 will discuss the latest innovative processes in commercial, institutional and industrial laundries and dry-cleaning services. Experts from across the world will address the sessions.


Kitchen Hygiene & Sanitation- KHS
Supported by the Western India Culinary Association, the first-ever KHS focussing on Design to Delivery aims at spreading awareness on the much-needed best hygiene & sanitation practices in all segments including restaurants and central kitchens.